Stories Untold: Vol #1 Zine

T here’s an old saying, “The sacred goes unspoken.”  For many adventurous young folk and modern explorers this best describes experiences had while traveling on the road. Upon the return from an epic journey you seemingly always face the same simple, yet impossible question to answer…‘How was it?’

You can look to whomever you’re speaking with and tell them every detail of your trip, but words cannot describe the type of magic that can unfold while traveling with close friends. Most good story tellers leave the best part of the story untold and leave the rest to your imagination. We knew the only way to share our untold story was through this short film and digital zine.

We all crave freedom and do our best to chase the feeling it provides when it’s found.  “Stories Untold, Pavement, Wood & Water” is all about freedom and finding it anyway that you can. For us, it’s on the road, on boards and in the water.  Be sure to find your freedom!


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